The CARL GROSS Premium Line
The premiere league in menswear

Extravagant details and highest quality finishing.

The suit, which
fits perfectly

Fits perfectly
and simply looks cool

LooksThe perfect outfit for every occasion




Behind the scenes„Making of"

a fashion statement for cultivated style and class.

CARL GROSS Online Shop: classic suits, casual jackets - fashion for sympathetic men.


Masculine. Sociable. Honest.
Business fashion for likeable men.
What makes a man a man? What sets him apart? What are his needs and ideals? Questions that are all answered by modern business brand CARL GROSS, with sensitivity, honesty and masculinity. Brand values that define the image of CARL gross in every regard and towards which the „Look & Feel" of the ready-made clothing is consistently oriented. The designs represent sophisticated casual outfits and elegant business looks – a touch more conventional on the fashion scale, with a focus on creating a new classic with a twist. Suits, casual sports jackets, coats etc. with modern silhouettes, durable materials and exacting quality. Always current and in keeping with the times.
The finest details, first-class workmanship and features ensure that the traditional craftsmanship and tailoring remains evident and visible in every style, without losing sight of the contemporary spirit.
In addition to business suits, shirts, knitwear, chinos and accessories supplement the collection with masculine notes. CARL GROSS – a fashion statement for sophisticated style and class.


The CARL GROSS Premium Line represents an uncompromising symbiosis of superior Italian fabrics, innovative finishes, finely nuanced interiors and sartorial tailoring – the premiere league in menswear.
Thus, features including upmarket lining fabrics, inlays and underarm shields in the suits, jackets and coats and perfectly tailored side slits are characteristic of the models in Premium Capsule. A set of characteristics underlining exclusivity and superiority once again. The essential field of expertise in BLACK LINE, even within the suit and jacket collection, are still the renowned Italian weavers and their hand-picked fabrics. Premium Capsule offers an exquisite choice of patterns, colours and innovations within a fabric collection of its own.